What Are the Causes of Hemorrhoids?

Understanding the many possible causes of hemorrhoids is one of the best first steps to take if you want to cure yourself out of this condition. In most cases, hemorrhoids are caused by the following:

  • Pregnancy
  • Severe constipation or diarrhea
  • Excessive or prolonged straining when passing stool
  • Sitting on a toilet for prolonged periods of time
  • Anal intercourse
  • Obesity

Experts also believe hemorrhoids can be a hereditary condition. There’s an increased likelihood of suffering from this condition as you age as well. As you can see from the list above, many of the confirmed causes of hemorrhoids can be avoided.

  • A regular and well-balanced diet can help prevent diarrhea or constipation. Naturally, this can help combat obesity as well.
  • Increase intake of fluids – especially water – and high fiber foods.
  • Avoid spending an excessive amount of time on the toilet. Do not force yourself to pass stool if you are not yet ready to do so.
  • Exercise regularly. Working out fifteen to thirty minutes each day can go a long way in improving your health.
  • Avoid overeating or overindulging when pregnant.

Making an Appointment

If you strongly suspect you are suffering from hemorrhoids then it’s best to schedule an appointment with your doctor immediately. As they are the ones most knowledgeable about the possible causes of hemorrhoids, they’ll readily be able to diagnose your condition and determine the best way to treat it.

To better prepare for your appointment, here are a few things you might want to do.

  • Find out beforehand if there are any restrictions or requirements you have to adhere to before and when showing up for your appointment.
  • List all the symptoms of hemorrhoids that you have suffered or are suffering from. The type of symptoms you have can usually serve as a clue for the possible cause behind your condition.
  • List as well all the medications you are taking or have taken in the past few months, including supplements and vitamins as well as those prescribed and purchased over the counter.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have regarding the possible causes of hemorrhoids or anything else about it for that matter. Most patients ask, for instance, about possible complications that may arise from having hemorrhoids. As this condition can be immediately treated with self-medication, it’s rare for complications to occur. But when they do, it typically involves strangulated hemorrhoids – which can lead to gangrene – and anemia.


  1. Sharonsays:

    I am pregnant right now and I now have hemorrhoids. I have never had them before. I am reading your site and you have some helpful tips. So thanks.

    • Adamsays:

      Yes, unfortunately hemorrhoids are quite common in pregnant women. I’m sorry you’re are suffering. Hopefully you will find some use from my site.

  2. Hillsays:

    I’m overweight, do you think losing weight will help with hemorrhoids?

    • Adamsays:

      Yes, plus there are many other benefits to losing weight. Good luck.

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