What Are the Symptoms of Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids symptoms are fairly easy to recognize, which should be a good thing as it will encourage you to seek proper treatment earlier. If this condition is left untreated and allowed to aggravate, you may be forced to undergo surgery afterwards.

To know whether you are suffering from hemorrhoids or not, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you notice drops of blood in the toilet after passing stool? Hemorrhoids can cause you to suffer from painless bleeding, which is why it’s also easy for women to mistake this condition for their periods.
  • Does your anal area feel irritated or itchy more often than not?
  • Are you experiencing any kind of discomfort or pain in the anal area or during bowel movement?
  • Have you noticed any kind of swelling in your anal region?
  • Have you noticed any painful or sensitive lumps in your anal area?
  • Have you suffered from any kind of fecal leakage?

If you answered yes to more than one question above then it’s very likely you are suffering from hemorrhoids.

The type of symptoms you’ll suffer from will depend on the location of your hemorrhoids.

  • External hemorrhoids are located below the skin in your anal region. They have a tendency to bleed, itch, and feel irritated. They are often subjected to inflammation, swelling, and pain as well. When allowed to worsen, blood clots may also form.
  • Internal hemorrhoids will be located within your rectum. Due to their location, you are unlikely to see or even feel them as they rarely cause any kind of pain. However, excessive straining when you are passing stool can irritate internal hemorrhoids. In some cases, it may even cause them to bleed.

Is It Time to Consult a Doctor?

If you take note of hemorrhoids symptomsearly then it’s more than possible to self-treat them effectively. However, if your choice of self-medication does not improve your condition after a week then that’s the time to consult a doctor.

Any signs of bleeding is a good enough reason to go to the doctor and especially if you start passing maroon or black-colored stools or you’ve noticed blood clots with your stool.

Sometimes, what you think as hemorrhoids symptoms are actually symptoms of other more serious diseases like anal and colorectal cancer. To be fully prepared for a medical consultation, keep in mind that you will most likely be subjected to a physical examination by your doctor.


  1. Marksays:

    This was helpful. I’ve recently found my anus very itchy almost like the onset of hemorrhoids.

    • Simeonesays:

      Me too Mark. I’ve been using baby wipes and the itching has gone down but not completely.

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